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Logo La conciergerie

Your home concierge

About us

La Conciergerie is a company created for the wellbeing of your home. Through different services, we propose our skills at hourly rates or package deals. We stand in for you, in your absence, keeping up the maintenance of your house, making sure you enjoy your home to the fullest.

Property wintering, preparing for your holidays and managing your rentals, are amongst services available.

An English / French intermediary is proposed to help you create or finalise your projects with your French contractors. We also help with general administration dilemmas.

Personalised services

We proposed different package deals to fulfil your needs, personalised and adapted to seasons and rentals.

A yearly discreet service. We work from your home, keeping you updated on the house status according to your requirements. We ensure a professional support enabling you to organise your rentals, holiday and property wintering.